Musings - Rai-mon Nemar Barnes

The Win Win Era of Business and Marketing

Everyone wants to win, the “#winning” hashtag is stilling used more than 100 times a day to express a triumphant moment on social networks. Yet, we are all keenly aware of the win-lose mentality that mandates a “loser” to … Read More

Wine and Beats 2014 Wine wrap-up

MUSIC: Evil Needle and Sivey – Down There WINE LIST: Excelsior Syrah 2011Pascal Bellier Chaverny 2013Bodegas Nieto Senetiner Bonarda 2009Liberty School Merlot 2011Clayhouse Syrah 2011Mulderbosch Rosé 2013Indaba Chenin Blanc 2013Brazin Old Vine Zin 2012Stags Leap Cab 2011Wine Men of … Read More

Products are not movements!

Great products don’t ask us to shift, they meet us where we are, ready to grow with us when the time comes.  Products that lean on marketing ask us to shift  by “joining the movement”. Movements don’t need products and … Read More

Visual Wine Review

I got this idea while messing around on Vine. I couldn’t help but think that not many people really want to read wine reviews. It’s the same with music reviews, it doesn’t give you a true feeling of what you’re … Read More

Basketball by the numbers

I remember getting the emails about the SportVU project. In a nutshell it was going to revolutionize basketball analytics. At the time I was seriously considering a life as a sports writer and was doing tons of research on … Read More

Digital Media Rule #582: Keep it light

Remember that people are fun loving and always up for a positive interaction. If you have no idea what to say via digital media channels, remember rule #582, keep it light! Positivity, levity and laughter cannot be used enough when … Read More

Improving your twitter stream

I struggled with Twitter for a long time before figuring out that my digital life and my “real” life are one and the same. Everyone I dig in the real world might not be great at communicating in 144 characters … Read More

Twitter is about being a follower and a leader

When people say “join the conversation” on Twitter I feel as if they’re saying “just do it” with a pair of Nikes on. There are times in life when you’re so fired up that to spark up a conversation is … Read More